A young female little person sits in a customized desk in the front row of a tin-walled classroom and listens to a bearded man with physical disability while other students and teachers look on.
Shahidul Islam (R), Executive Director of Tangail DPOD, speaks with Shahida Akter (L) while Shahida's teachers and headmaster look on.

On November 11, 2019, the right to reasonable accommodations in the classroom of two students in Tangail was fulfilled. Shahida Akter, an eighth grade student, and Habibur Rahman, a sixth grade student, received customized desks tailored to their physical disabilities and were seated in the front row of their classrooms so that they can more actively engage in lessons. The failure to receive accommodations as required by the Persons with Disabilities Rights and Protection Act, 2013 (DRPA) was first reported to Tangail DPOD during its July 27, 2019 legal aid camp. Following Tangail DPOD's referral, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust's (BLAST) Tangail Unit Office issued a legal notice to the students' school alerting them to the students' right under DRPA Section 16(1)(Da). Thereafter, not only did the school agree to provide customized desks, but also to install two ramps and to add a commode toilet in the bathroom, so that students using wheelchairs will have opportunities to enjoy their right to education on an equal basis with non-disabled students.