Umma Kulsum (middle) of Prottasha Protibandhi Nari O Shishu Unnyan files Rangpur's first-ever Section 36 application with the district social services officer on September 22, 2019.

On September 22, 2019, Prottasha Protibandhi Nari O Shishu Unnyan (Prottasha) presented the fourth Section 36 application generated through USAID's Expanding Participation of People with Disability (EPD) program on behalf of Md. Nur Alam, who is blind and seeking relief in a land dispute. Prottasha's Umma Kulsum, a nominated member of the Rangpur district DRPA committee, raised Mr. Alam's application at the committee's third recorded meeting on November 11, 2019. Nevertheless, the committee has taken no action on Alam's application.