The third Section 36 application filed by the EPD Team with a DRPA district committees generated  Bangladesh’s first-ever decision on a Section 36 application by a DRPA district committee. The Ministry of Public Administration had issued circular No. 05.00.0000. on May 28, 2012, authorizing job applicants with disabilities up to 32 years old to apply for government posts that required applicants to be 30 years old or younger. But when the applicant, Md. Mehedi Hassan, had attempted to apply for a job announced in the daily Ittefaq on July 24, 2019, which was limited to applicants 30 years old or younger, he was prevented from submitting his application through the online application portal provided given his age, effectively ignoring the Public Administration Ministry’s May 28, 2012 circular, which was still in force. The Kushtia DRPA district committee decided on September 30, 2019 that Mr. Hassan’s rights recognized under DRPA Sections 16(1)(jha) and (Da) to non-discrimination in public and private sector employment and to receive reasonable accommodations in the area of employment, respectively. Therefore, the committee resolved to issue a letter to the government department that posted the job announcement to request that they take appropriate measures to remedy their failure to enforce the May 28, 2012 circular in Mr. Hassan’s favor.