Poster Description

This poster presents a simplified list of 20 rights contained in Section 16(1) of the Persons with Disabilities Rights and Protection Act, 2013. The full description of each right is shortened and transposed into simple, non-legal language. This list is like a “Bill of Rights” for Bangladeshis with disabilities. If any public or private actor prevents them enjoying or exercising any of these rights on an equal basis with others, then they can seek a remedy under the Act. This poster should be prominently displayed in any DPO’s office, as well as in the offices of any public authority or private organization that services persons with disabilities, as a reminder that persons with disabilities have enforceable rights under the Act.

Usage Guidelines

You can use this poster during trainings and awareness-raising events as a powerful visual reminder that these rights are protected by law. You can use it in a group activity to quiz participants on how many rights they can memorize. Or you can use it as an outline for a group discussion, either proceeding down the list and discussing each right one by one or by selecting just a few rights to focus the discussion on while reminding the participants that there are many other rights under the Act that they can explore further after the training.

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This domain was previously home to a joint report by NGDO, NCDW, and BLAST entitled “Current Status of Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh: Legal and Grassroots Perspectives 2015,” produced with funding from the Disability Rights Fund. It is now available here.