About Partners

National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO)

Jatiyo Trinomul Protibandhi Sangstha/National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO) is a non-profit company incorporated on 26.06.2005 under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, and registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (S-4868(989)/05), and also separately registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. No. 2373) on 02.07.2008 under the Foreign Donations Regulation.

NGDO is an active organization of PWDs which operates through mutual cooperation and unison with an aim to create an inclusive society where all disabled people can have equal rights.

NGDO played the lead role in the national coalition. It implemented planned activities to hold FGDs and conducted surveys in collaboration with partners in seven districts across the country. It was responsible for the coordination (including financial and administrative aspects) with different stakeholders, monitoring and evaluation, recruitment of personnel, and reporting. It maintained a Secretariat for the Coalition, to support the Steering Committee monitor preparation of the shadow report, including representatives from NGDO, NCDW and BLAST and various (DPOs).

Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)

BLAST is a non-profit company incorporated on 29.05.1993 under the Companies Act, and registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (CTO 311 (23)/93), and also separately registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau (786) on 19. 12. 1993 under the Foreign Contributions Relation.

BLAST’s mission is to make the legal system accessible to the poor and the marginalized. It provides comprehensive legal services to women, men and children, including on criminal, family, labour and land law as well as constitutional law, right across the legal system, from Village Courts to the Supreme Court. It provides advice, undertakes alternative dispute resolution and litigation, as well as related research and advocacy.

BLAST provided training on data collection and an orientation on legal issues to assist the researchers. BLAST’s local offices supported FGDs at district level with various DPOs and lawyers, and assisted NGDO and NCDW to organize district level FGDs, advocacy sessions and surveys.

BLAST provided the technical support which included an orientation on report writing. Given BLAST’s prior expertise in contributing to shadow reports prepared by national coalitions for other treaty bodies such as CEDAW and the CRC, BLAST was also responsible for the drafting of this report. In drafting this report and the recommendations contained there, BLAST have undergone a detailed review of the national laws and have analyzed them to identify gaps and limitations.

National Council of Disabled Women (NCDW)

Protibandhi Narider Jatiyo Parishad / National Council of Disabled Women (NCDW) is a non-profit organization incorporated on 25.06.2008 under the Ordinance of Voluntary Society Welfare Organizations 1961, and registered with the Office of Official of District Women Affairs of Dhaka under the Directorate of Women Affairs (JMBKKA/Dhaka/315/08)

NCDW strives to strengthen grassroots disabled women’s organizations to ensure the rights and dignity of disabled women and children. Example of their work includes cases where NCDW have assisted a disabled woman activist recover compensation for being deprived by her siblings of her share of her paternal property, and also those where NCDW have assisted rape survivors access justice.

NCDW worked in collaboration with NGDO  in organizing FGDs with DPOs, persons with disabilities, lawyers and other members from the community level in seven districts of Bangladesh. NCDW collected primary data through their members which included women with disabilities. For obtaining information for the purpose of this report, , experiences of women with disabilities with respect to the justice system was collected by NCDW after providing them with relevant orientation and training.

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